Medicinal Background

Elk Velvet Antler has been used by Traditional Chinese Medicine over two thousand years.

As you may know, their traditional Medicine is based on a keeping healthy way instead of trying to cure disease. In other words, Chinese Doctors are being paid as long as you are healthy. Once you are sick, they are not paid but they must put you back in good health in order to keep their status. Therefore, they put Elk Velvet Antler in every home. It is usually mixed with other herbs such as ginseng.

It is said in Chinese Literature that it can preserve health and/or heal up to 52 diseases.

Here in Canada, people mainly use it as a food supplement to cure anemia, chronic fatigue, help reduce inflammation, alleviate stiffness and pain such as in arthritis and osteoporosis. It is also known to boost energy and stimulate our immune system.