I started suffering from arthritis during my twenties but I had my most severe arthritis crisis at the age of 32. It was soon after my father deceased and the doctors told it was caused by emotional trauma. When I woke up each morning, I felt so much pain I could barely move: I was not able to open my hands or bend my knees, and each movement was laborious. I had problems eating and holding my baby. It was the worst arthritis crisis I had never experienced.

It happened about 6 years before we began raising elks. After seeing various specialists, trying several kinds of pills and natural products that did not help soothing my articular pain, I started to despair. I had some goods days, but I always suffered extreme pain when waking up. The morning, my back was so painful that my husband had to help me getting up on my feet, and help me get dressed.

When we started elk raising, my husband came back from the West carrying a bottle of velvet antler: the elk farmers back there told him this would help me. I was skeptical, but I tried it anyway, I took one capsule the first day, and two each following day during one week: nothing changed! I gave up.

A few weeks later, I was told that, in order for the treatment to be efficient, I need to have my whole system full of the product. I was recommended to take 4 capsules a day during 3 days, and then 3 capsules per day for a week. I was also told that those capsules would not give me any secondary effect, unlike all the other meds I tried.
I was so desperate I took even more capsules that he recommended dosage: after one week, I had taken 35 pills. When I woke up the 8th morning, I have no back pain. I was able to sit in the bed without any help. What a surprise! For the first time in years, I was smiling when I got up! My husband and I could not believe it.

Then I stopped taking velvet antlers. After a week the pain came back strong. I understood I had to always have velvet antler in my system so that I would not experience pain.

Now, I take 2 elk velvet antler capsules a day, and I feel good. Of course, I sometimes have little pain, but it’s tolerable. When the pain becomes too much, I either take more velvet or I add one Advil. As velvet antler is 100% natural, I never had any secondary effect.

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