Elk Meat


Elk meat is delicious and healthy: rich in iron and protein, it also has very low fat and cholesterol. Its texture is fine, soft, and it tastes exquisite, a lot better than any other big game animal. Respectful of the environment and of animals’ health, the Ferme les Wapitis des Beaux Prés elk farmers provide their animals with natural food that contains no antibiotics and no growth hormones. The elk pastures don’t use pesticides, herbicides, or artificial fertilizer. Be ensured that by eating our exquisite venison, you won’t put your health in danger!

Elk meat can be cooked with beef recipes. Steaks, cubes for brochettes and other tender cuts need to be cooked by searing the outer surface hot and fast. As for the stew meat cubes and the braise roast, (a piece of shoulder, for example), we can braise it slowly during a few hours.

Our elk eat is sold on the Farm, and we also offer a free delivery service.

However, we offer you a 10% reduction when you buy venison directly on the farm.

For more information or to pass an order, contact us.

Our products can also be found at these addresses:

La Coopérative de Solidarité d’Alimentation Saine La Manne
194, Notre-Dame Est
Victoriaville, Qc
G6P 4A1
Tél.: 819 758-1211

Marché Public des Bois-Francs
1, boul. Jutras Ouest
Victoriaville, Qc
G6P 1Y8
Tél.: 819 758-1773

Marché de solidarité régional de Victoriaville
930, rue Notre-Dame Est,
Victoriaville, QC
G6P 4B9
Tél.: 819 795-3346


Restaurant Su’l Pouce
5, rue Sainte-Dominique
Victoriaville, Qc
G6P 5B5
Tél.: 819 795-4618

Dépanneur d’Aston
235, rue Vigneault RR 1
Aston-Jonction, QC
G0Z 1A0
Tél.: 819 226-3001

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