How to cook the perfect steak?

Some people sometimes tell us that our meat is hard to chew. Unfortunately, they made a fatal mistake while cooking it. elk-meat

Lots of people dislike rare meat. I didn’t like it when I was younger either. With Elk, I learned to love and prefer it rare. Many people even eat it blue.

Since Elk is a fat free meat, it must be seized on both sides on very high heat. In fact, it is best cook one or two minutes. Do not use a fork to turn it. You would loose some juices and it would be tougher.

Ideally, let it sit one or two minutes in a plate so the juice settles and it won’t run all over the plate.

For those of you who really can not eat red meat, cook it the same way, but once it has been seized, move your pan aside from the heat source. Let it sit there a few minutes. The heat of you pan will finish cooking it and it won’t be as tough as if you let it on the fire.

Bon w’appétit!

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