Live Stock

elk for saleWe have over a hundred animals. It is almost 40-60 as far as male : female ratio.

Many are for sale. They are excellent quality pure elk. We did lots of Artificial Insemination (A.I.) over the years and some Embryo Transfers (E.T.) as well.

Our genetics comes from Jackpot, Phantom, Oak Point Jesse, Manitoba Weapon, Cobra, Manitoba Stealth, Scorpion, Sultan, Barracuda, Columbus, Reedson, Revolution, Samuraï, Commander, Titan, Cardinal, Adonis, Levi, Abe, Zeus, Styx, 50 Caliber, Nitro, Hok and mixes from those.

We have developed animals with a long body, yielding very interesting revenues for the meat since the tenderloin and other noble pieces are longer than usual. They are also very tall. They are therefore impressive for hunting.

We never boosted our bucks for velvet since the market crashed a few years ago. But the potential is there. It is only a matter of time and market before we develop it again.