Special Orders

Prices will vary according to the services you want.

For example, should we pay for transportation and slaughter, the price will be 7.50$ per pound, carcass weight.

If you wish to pay transport and slaughter or you decide to kill the elk yourself at the farm and carry it to your butcher yourself, then the price is $6.00 per pound, carcass weight.

The carcass weight is taken at the slaughterhouse or at the butcher’s shop once the animal is empty, the skin, head and legs are cut away. Note that you will always have to pay for the butchering, transformation and wrapping.

We offer animals that will weight approximately 300 to 400 pounds carcass at the moment. You can buy a whole animal, a half carcass or only a quarter. However, the price might go a little higher if you want a half or quarter immediately. If you are not in a rush, we can wait that someone else order a quarter or you find someone else who wants the other half and then you will benefit from the lowest price.

Do not hesitate to call for more informations.

We also sell parts for ‘Méchoui’, that is big pieces for barbecue for a group. However, you must understand that you should make reservation one or two months in advance. That is especially true in summer when the demand is strong.