General Questions

Is the elk dangerous?

Even when we have been raising elks for the past 20 years, our elks are not tamed. An elk is not a pet, but a wild animal, even when we feed him. It’s important to be on your guard when you are standing near elks, especially with females who just gave birth (in June and July), and with males during the rutting season (in September and October).

What is elks’ life expectancy?
An elk lives up to 20 years.

How to differentiate males from females?
Just like the deer, the elk has antlers whereas the female has none. Males start growing antlers at one year old. Elks in the wild use their antlers to fight with each other: the winner has the chance to reproduce with the desired female. On our farm, we cut the antlers so the males won’t hurt themselves.

What is the use of antlers?
Males in the wild use their antlers to defend against predators. Males are particularly dangerous during the rutting season, which is in September and October, because they fight between them to determine who will copulate with the best female, and they are aggressive towards humans.

Farm guided tours

How much does a guided tour cost?
$7.00 for a tour only (adult) free for children under 13.
$8.00 for tasting and tour (adult) free for children under 6.
If you make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance, we can offer you a wapi-burger or a wapi-dog for $3.00 each.

Can we bring our lunch?
Yes, we have picnic tables and we can have a maximum of 16 persons at the same time.

How much time does a guided tour lasts?
Minimum one hour, but sometimes more depending on the number of questions you have.

What does a guided tour include?
A little walk along the fence to have a close look at the elks. You will be allowed to take pictures and videos. We will explain to you in details how the elks live, what they eat, and how we take care of them. You will have the chance to ask all your questions relative to elk farming. We will show you our restraint cage system, where we can restrain animals to help them giving birth, for example.

Are guided tours safe?
Yes. Elks are enclosed in an 8-feet high fence, and visitors are not allowed inside. The elk is an wild and sometimes aggressive animal.

Can we taste elk meat during the tour?
You must advise us at least 24 hours ahead if you want to eat some wapi-burgers or wapi-dogs for $5.00 each.

Can we take pictures of the elks?
Of course! We can even take pictures of you in front of the fence and the herd behind!

Can we take videos of the elks?
Yes, but you have to stay outside the fence.

How many animals do you have?
We have a number of animals that varies with the seasons : in July, when all the fawns are born, we have around 170 animals whereas in May, we have about 140. We sell around 30 animals each year for meat or reproduction.

Do you sell livestock?
Yes, we sell mostly reproductive males. If you are thinking about starting an elk farm in the province of Quebec, contact with the CRAAQ to obtain information.

Elk velvet antler capsules

How much do elk velvet capsules cost?
Our capsules are sold in bottles of 60 capsules of 280 mg each at $29.95 per bottle plus taxes.

Where can we buy them?
Our capsules are sold at the Ferme les Wapitis des Beaux Prés.

How are the capsules made?
We collect the elk antlers before they grow into calcium, then we have them dried and reduce to powder before inserting it into capsules.

Are the capsules efficient against arthritis?
Yes! To learn more, see our page Scientific Proof .

Can we order capsules?
Yes, capsules can be sent by XpressPost. If you live in the province of Quebec, mailing fees of $11.50 will apply. We can ship up to 5 bottles with no extra fees.

Elk meat

Where can we taste elk meat?
You can taste elk meat on our Farm and on different festivals all year long. Please visit our page Events for more information.

Where can we buy this venison?
To see places where our venison is sold, see our page Elk meat.

Do we need to call in advance to pass by the farm to buy meat?
Yes. It’s always preferable to call in advance, as some elk cuts might not be available and we might be away or busy with someone.

Do you have fresh meat?
Our meat is generally sold frozen, but it’s possible to have fresh meat if you order it 2 months in advance. Our animals are sent to the butcher at specific dates each season. If you need a fresh cut of meat, for a barbecue, for example, we could reserve you a piece.