Order Elk Antlers

Our elk velvet antler capsules are ready for consuming, and are made of our own animal antlers. Our capsules are offered in only one size for now: bottles of 60 capsules under the name of Cervifor. Each gelatine capsule holds 280 mg of pure elk velvet antler. The price is $ 29.95 per bottle plus taxes.

It’s possible to order capsules for delivery: we can mail you one to five bottles in one single envelope at a cost of $ 11.00 for shipping and handling. If you are located in the province of Quebec, you will receive the capsules inside three business days.

Should you want more capsules, the shipping and handling will be billed according to parcel post fees.

For those who prefer, we also have frozen elk velvet antler, that means it has not been dry. It is sold by the kilogram. the quatity available varies with the seasons. Please contact us for more details.

Of course, you can also pick the velvet antler up at the farm or at the Marché Public des Bois-Francs in Victoriaville from May to the end of October.Please make sure to call us before if you want to pass by the Farm so we will ensure to be there.

You can order velvet antler by email, phone, fax or by letter. You will find the required information on the contact us page.