About Us

Established in 1994, the Ferme les Wapitis des Beaux Prés has a livestock farming of over 130 elks in the Centre-du-Québec administrative region. We sell livestockvenison (elk meat), and velvet elk antlers which are known for their numerous therapeutic virtues. We also offer guided tours of our farm.

Our philosophy

Natural is good! Our methods are respectful of the environment: our elks eat exclusively natural, chemical free pastures, hay and grains. We do not boost our animals for meat, velvet antlers or reproduction. All of those traditional methods allow us to offer you a natural tasting elk meat that is also excellent for your health.

Our mission

  • To produce the best quality and great, tasty elk meat, in a natural environment, without using growth hormones, antibiotics or animal flour
  • To provide our customers with first quality elk velvet antlers
  • To offer excellent elk males and females for reproduction

Welcome to our Elk Farm!