XL Foods beef: is there an alternative?

Quebecers remember the XL Foods meat infected with E. Coli bacteria in September 2012. Since the crisis, some consumers still do not trust meat sold in groceries in the province of Quebec. But is there an alternative?

Of course, there is the beef raised in Quebec. Let’s keep in mind that XL Foods infected beef came from Calgary. Food safety standards are very high in the province of Quebec, which means the meat produced here can be consumed without worries. Moreover, as it comes from farms in our province, the transport cost will be lower, and it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, buying made in Quebec products helps the Quebec economy.

Quebec beef is excellent as it is not raised in a feedlot with so many others they can’t even move. Here, beefs have way better life conditions: they are raised outdoors, in large pastures. Nowadays, it is easier than before to know from where our meat comes from.

Apart from the Quebec beef, other meats are good for your health and even more delicious. Let’s talk about elk meat.

Elk meat is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and really delicious. Venison, a meat that was exclusively for nobleman in former times, is now available for everyone and can be found at a price similar to the beef’s. The taste of elk is refined, much leaner, and hence healthier. As it’s not a marbled meat like beef is, elk meat cooks much faster. We recommend rare cooking for steaks and for roasts.

Moreover, elk meat produced in Quebec is also followed step by step from the farm to your plate. Indeed, each animal in Canada is identified with a unique number at birth. The animal is tested each year for diseases. This way, the consumer doesn’t have to worry: elk produced in Quebec can be eaten without bas consequences.

The best way to make sure you are buying quality meat, produced in Quebec, is to buy it directly from the producer, on our farm for instance. During a guided tour, you will see the animals, the herd fences and our system for restraining the animals. We will also answer all of your questions regarding elk feeding and cooking.

To see the list of elk meat cuts with their prices, visit our page Elk meat pricing.

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