Elk Antlers

elk antlers

What is elk velvet antler?

Elk antlers are the horns on the head of the animal. Only males of one year of age and over have them.

Elk antlers fall each year in spring before they grow again, like their fur. When the antlers grow, they are covered with fine, soft and oily velvet, which explains the name velvet antlers.

The marrow that is inside the velvet antlers is transformed in a natural product that is worldly known for its numerous virtues.

Velvet antler gathering

It is essential to collect the antlers while they are still growing. This detail allows us to get an efficient product. However, if an elk farmer waits too long before gathering the antlers, they would transform in a bone (a phenomenon called calcification) and the capsules’ beneficial properties would be lesser. The efficiency of our products is important for us, and that is why we are very strict on the quality of the antlers we gather.

To learn more about the transformation process of elk antlers, read this article (coming soon in English): Les étapes de transformation des bois de velours.

Benefits of this natural product

Velvet antlers capsules are efficient to soothe arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, hypertension and chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. This product also stimulates the immune system and contains glucosamine, which reduces cartilage deterioration. Elk velvet antler is also known for improving concentration and cardio-vascular conditions. To read a testimony concerning this natural product intake, see our page (in French) Testimony.

Where do we find this natural product?

Please note our capsules are not sold in pharmacy or in natural products boutiques. They can however be bought on our Farm. It’s also possible to have our capsules delivered.

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