Elk on TV program L’épicerie

Elk on TV program L’épicerie!

If you missed TV program L’Épicerie diffused on Radio-Canada on November 28th, 2012 and the rerun from RDI on December 1st, don’t panic. You can always watch it here:  radiocanada.ca/epicerie

I agree with Jason Nelson, chief cook and owner of the Renard artisan bistro restaurant in Montreal. To be able to appreciate the elk meat’s full flavour, you need to cook it rare, except of course for the less noble parts like the shoulder or the stew cubes.

Even if this venison tastes stronger than beef, it does not have the taste of a game animal living in the wild. Actually, elk raised on our farm feeds on good quality pastures and hay (just like beef). We also feed our elks with some grains depending on their age, their gender, and the season to maximize their growth, lactation, or to help them keep warm during the harsh winters. Thus the taste of our elk meat is very different from what a wild moose could taste like, because they don’t eat the same kind of food.

As for the meat price indicated in the TV program L’Épicerie, that’s the price it is sold in delicatessen and in specialized butcher’s stores. Of course, when you buy venison directly from the producers, prices are much lower. For example, on our farm, a T-bone is sold only $45.18 per kg. As one T-bone usually weighs around 245 grams it will cost you only $11.07 for the piece of meat. Of course, you will need to cook it yourself, but it will be our pleasure to give you cooking advice and to share some of our great recipes.

Located in the Centre-du-Québec region, we deliver elk meat almost everywhere in the province of Quebec. Contact us for more information on elk raising, elk meat, our prices, or to order meat or natural products.

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