Elk antlers transformation steps

The antlers gathering

Elk velvet antler is known around the world for its numerous benefits. The antlers need to be gathered at a very specific time of their growth for better quality. We can’t wait for the antlers to fall by themselves as the quality of the product deteriorates quickly once the fourth tip comes out. Indeed, when the antlers’ growth is complete, the marrow inside the antler changes to bone, (a phenomenon called calcification), and the skin dries, splits and falls, which leaves an oxidized product that won’t show the optimized benefits we are looking for.

Thus the antlers are cut by elk breeders. This process is entirely painless for the animal: it’s as if we would cut his fur. As the root of the antler is the only part that is alive, the animal does not feel any pain. We restrain the animal so that he won’t hurt himself or hurt us, and then we cut both antlers quickly using a specially designed saw.

Antlers are then individually wrapped so that there is no contamination, hey are frozen and brought to the Canada Changmin transformation plant for drying.

The antlers transformation

Once in the plant, the antlers are dried through lyophilization techniques and their velvet skin is taken out. What is left is then crushed before being put into capsules.

The bottling

The velvet antlers of an adult animal weigh about 30 pounds (15 pounds on each side) once they reach maturity. But once they have been gathered and dried, there is only 8 pounds left (4 pounds on each side). This means that there is a weight loss of 70% with the drying. This explains why this product is expensive.

All the Quebec elk breeders have been trained by experts in their field to make sure they can provide the best quality to their clients.

Our capsules are sold in bottles of 60 capsules of 280mg each under the name of Cervifor.

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