Sesame, maple and mango elk meatballs

• 1 lb (500g) minced elk meat
• ⅔ cup (175g) thinly sliced onion
• ½ cup (100ml) maple syrup
• ¼ cup (50ml) de cider vinegar
• ⅔ cup (75g) mango, diced
• 2 tbsp (30g) crushed oatmeal
• 1 tbsp (15g) fresh ginger, diced
• 1 egg
• 1 pinch of salt
• 1 pinch of ground black pepper
• 3 tbsp (35ml) brown rum
• 8 tbsp (120g) sesame seeds
• 2 tbsp (30g) butter
• 1 tsp (5ml) olive oil
• Cook the onion with the maple syrup and the vinegar over a low heat for about 2 hours or until you obtain the consistency of a stew.
• Mix the minced elk meat with all the other ingredients except the sesame seeds, the butter and the oil.
• Once the onion stew is ready and has cooled down, thinly slice it again with a knife and add it to the mix.
• Make meatballs of 35g each (about the size of a golf ball).
• Roll the meatballs in the sesame seeds.
• Melt the butter in the olive oil and cook the meatballs until they are brown. Then place them on a baking sheet.
• Cook in the oven at 350° F, for 15 to 20 minutes, and turn once.

Serves 6. (4 meatballs).
Suggested presentation: serve with basmati rice and a mango, beets and asparagus chutney.

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