What are gluten free sausages?

The Ferme les Wapitis des Beaux Prés offers elk meat that is both low in fat and rich in iron. Among the various and healthy products sold, let’s mention the gluten-free sausages.

What is gluten?

Gluten is not a preservative. It is a mix of wheat proteins (and other cereals) that is added to some food to modify its texture. Gluten is used as a binder, which means it permits a greater elasticity and chewability of food.

Where can we find gluten?

Gluten is added to a lot of food that can be found in the grocery store. Gluten is part of the flour that is added in cereals, meat, etc. Thus, to know if a product is gluten-free, read its list of ingredients: when the product contains flour, you know it also contains gluten. As the meat is sold by the weight in the province of Quebec, this means that you are paying for the flour and water added to the meat you buy at the grocery store.

What are the drawbacks of eaten gluten?

Generally, gluten can be ingested in small dosages without any problem. However, more and more people are gluten-intolerant (celiac disease), which means it gives them digestion problems.

What’s the price difference?

The most of the meat you buy at the store contains gluten. This means that flour and water was added to the meat. As flour and water are less expensive than meat, those kinds of meat are less expensive when we refer to the price per kilogram. But who wants to pay for flour and water?

Where can we find gluten-free sausages?

The Ferme les Wapitis des Beaux Prés cares about the customers’ health. This is the reason why we chose to offer elk sausages that do not contain any flour or added preservative. They contain only meat and spices. Our sausages are gluten-free, which justifies the cost.

All our elk sausages are gluten-free. Thus, this meat can be safely eaten by everyone, and it won’t cause any digestion problems. Actually, all of our elk meat cuts are gluten-free.

To see the list of our elk sausages and other gluten-free cuts, click here.

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